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Health and safety monitoring

The University monitors health and safety performance to ensure the intended outcomes of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System are achieved. To do this effectively, monitoring requires several different approaches, which include day-to-day observations, record keeping, informal and formal inspections, and audits. These activities are supported by a formal, annual review of health and safety performance that monitors continual improvement, achievement of health and safety management objectives and allows health and safety plans to be revised based upon outcomes.

Roles, actions and training

All faculties and services are required to carry out health and safety monitoring as part of the University’s Health and Safety Policy, legal compliance arrangements and to control risk. The roles, responsibilities and actions of the key people involved are outlined in the Health and Safety Policy.

The training required for Health and Safety Coordinators and/or staff who are to lead on health and safety inspections of office/ low risk environments is set out in the Health and Safety Monitoring Training Matrix.  It must be ensured that this training is completed and recorded.

Frequently asked questions

Which areas should have health and safety inspections?

All faculty, school and service owned/occupied areas need to be inspected.

How often should health and safety inspections be carried out?

This is specified by the Faculty/Service Inspection Schedule, which is agreed by the Senior Health and Safety Manager.

Can an inspection still go ahead if key staff are absent?

Yes, if there is – at a minimum – a representative from Health and Safety Services (or a trained member of staff) and a managerial representative, academic or supervisor (or their delegate with the knowledge and authority to act on their behalf) for the local area.

Do informal inspections, e.g. management walk rounds need documenting?

These do not require an inspection report or checklist to be completed, however it is important that these are documented via an email including actions – where appropriate – which are monitored until completion.

What if an inspection action is not completed within the agreed timescale?

Escalate through the line management structure and then – where necessary - via the Faculty/ School/ Service Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee.

When should the annual health and safety management review be scheduled?

The annual health and safety management review does not necessarily have to take place all at the same time. The different elements can be spread throughout the year and taken to the relevant Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee meetings. However, the summary of findings and outputs do need to be written into a Faculty/ Service health and safety annual report and action plan.


Health and safety monitoring resources and forms

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