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General Safety


The use of DSE has become a part of everyday work-life for most people; however DSE-based work can cause injury/damage to a user’s physical and psychological health unless it is managed properly.

Health and safety committees

Health and Safety Committees are forums for co-operation, communication and consultation between the University, its staff and the trade unions.

Lone working

There are many reasons why staff or students may need to work alone – e.g. working out of normal hours, or being in a remote location. It’s important to think about how to keep lone workers safe.

Manual handling

Poor manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work, and following this protocol will help you avoid these.

Monitoring health and safety

The University monitors health and safety performance to be sure that the operational practice lives up to our plans. It supports the 'no surprises' approach.


An event is an organised ‘activity or group of activities’ taking place in locations owned, rented or under the direct control of the University, organised by staff, students, LUU or external people.


Under the Working Time Regulations the employer is obliged to offer a health assessment before taking up the assignment of night work and at regular intervals thereafter.

Health and safety training

To enable staff to fulfil their roles safely, different levels of health and safety training, experience, knowledge and skills (competency) are needed.