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Display Screen Equipment (DSE)


Display Screen Equipment (DSE) means computers or hand-held devices that display information and are provided by the University to be used by staff in connection with work – for instance desktop computers, laptops, touch-screen tills and hand-held devices such as iPads, tablets, mobile phones, etc. 

The use of DSE has become a significant part of everyday work-life for most people; however DSE-based work can cause injury/damage to a user’s physical and psychological health unless it is managed properly.

COVID-19 update:

Staff who need an eye test should follow the Procedures attached under ‘Downloads’ below,  go to a Bayfields optician practice (for locations see the Bayfields website link) and take identification (preferably your staff ID) with you. Bayfields’ staff will explain more about the detail at the moment, when you book your appointment.

Key points of this protocol are: 

Staff who are DSE users (staff who use computers in connection with work) need to:

  • complete the three sections of the online DSE training module 

  • adjust their workstation in line with the module’s recommendations

  • follow the attached Procedures to gain the free eye test

  • report faults, accidents, incidents or diagnosed chronic ill health conditions related to working with DSEs

DSE Assessors are appointed to deal with problems identified by the online module, which staff can’t change themselves.

These bullet points are only a brief summary – the Standard sets out what needs to happen across the University. To find out what you need to do, how to use this protocol and what the documents attached below mean to you, see the FAQs.