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Off campus safety


Diving for scientific or archaeological purposes and any other teaching or research activity requiring submersion underwater and the use of underwater breathing equipment.


An ‘Unmanned Aerial System’ (UAS), also known as a “Drone” is an aircraft flight which is controlled either autonomously, by on-board computers, or by a pilot using a remote control.


Fieldwork is an essential part of University teaching and research. The key to managing fieldwork safely is to carry out a risk and dynamic risk assessment.


Placements are often an essential part of the learning and development of students, helping them gain a greater understanding and experience of the work environment.

Study abroad

To assure ourselves that the students are kept safe from harm, it is vital that health and safety is part of the planning process.


The University campus is both private land and a publicly used space and this brings a range of risks.

Working overseas

It is essential that any intended work overseas or off campus is fully risk assessed to ensure the safety of all those involved.