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An ‘Unmanned Aerial System’ (UAS), also known as a “Drone” is an aircraft flight which is controlled either autonomously, by on-board computers, or by a pilot using a remote control. This Protocol relates to UASs being flown:

  • On, inside, or over University premises, by the University or by third parties

  • Off University premises (UK and overseas) for University business, study, or research.

Key points of this Protocol are: 

  • Outdoor flights on University premises have a University Premises Flight Permit.

  • Outdoor University-controlled UAS flights in the UK are managed under a CAA Commercial Licence.

  • Indoor UAS flights on University premises are risk assessed and have the approval of the local Health and Safety Manager.

  • University-controlled UAS flights overseas are subject to the relevant country’s aviation regulations.

  • The relevant UAS Procedure needs to be followed.

  • UAS Pilots are competent and trained

  • UAS accidents, incidents and non-conformances to flight plans are reported on the University’s online accident and incident reporting system (Sentinel)

If you are considering carrying out a UAS flight, if you need to get hold of the Approval Form, or if you need any help, guidance or assistance please contact the UAS Administrator on:

These bullet points are only a brief summary – the Standard sets out what needs to happen across the University. See the documents attached below for more information.

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