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Working with electromagnetic fields


Electromagnetic fields fall into 3 categories based on their frequencies: low frequency (below 10kHz), radio frequency (3kHz – 300GHz) and microwaves (3GHz – 170 GHz). At the University, some work with radio and microwaves is controlled (subject to safety control measures) and you will need to follow our guidelines and procedures when using these in order to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Key things you need to know about working with electromagnetic fields (EMFs):

  • Uncontrolled work with EMFs includes: use of mobile phones, computers or microwave ovens, provided that you do not modify the equipment.

  • Controlled work with EMFs includes: work involving build-your-own radio equipment, or work in areas where signal transmitters/ receivers are present.

  • When working in a controlled EMF environment, you should ensure all radio/ microwaves transmitters are switched off.

  • Access to areas of high electromagnetic radiation is restricted (see Authorised Access protocol for more information).

  • If you are planning on undertaking controlled work with EMFs you will need to follow the safety advice in the following pages and will sometimes require an induction before you start work.

Contact the Radiation Protection Service if you need more guidance or advice.