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Building safety


At the University there is a clear management system in place that considers all aspects of asbestos safety.

Authorisation to access locations

There are many locations (e.g. laboratories, roofs, kitchens, plantrooms and workshops) where, to keep people healthy and safe, access needs to be restricted.

Electrical safety

Electrical equipment is used widely throughout the University by most staff and students and must be periodically checked and safe for use.


This topic covers water systems including plant, fixed and mobile equipment which connects into them located in all buildings and sites where the University has responsibility for maintenance.

Local exhaust ventilation systems (LEVs)

A wide variety of LEVs are used at the University to control the risks from hazardous airborne substances.

Permits to work

There are a number of work activities which take place on property managed by the University and need a “permit-to-work” to check that safety-critical controls are in place before work goes ahead.