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Permits to Work


There are a small number of work activities (mainly carried out by FD Estates) which take place on property managed by the University and need a “permit-to-work” to check that safety-critical controls are in place before work goes ahead.

Permits-to-work are issued only when a safe Procedure is carried out, and a clear record that all foreseeable hazards have been controlled is produced. Work can only begin once a permit-to-work has been issued. This process alone does not make a job free from risk; it also relies on the effective use of controls. As the vast majority of these activities are carried out by FD Estates, they manage the permit-to-work system.

Key points for this protocol are:

  • Work on industrial gas systems, pressurised/ steam systems, high/ low voltage systems, excavations or hot works on property managed by the University needs a permit-to-work. 

  • Permits-to-work can only be used on these activities, and the system is managed by FD Estates on behalf of the University. If you think you need a permit for these (or any other) activity, contact your Health and Safety Manager.

  • Only contractors or staff authorised and deemed competent by FD Estates can issue permits-to-work.

  • The Procedure for permits-to-work must be followed.

Permits to Work Downloads