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Most x-ray equipment in the University uses enclosures and engineering measures such as interlocks to ensure that users are not exposed to radiation. However, there are still certain procedures that must be followed to keep you and those around you safe.

Key risks

Exposure to radiation can be caused by:

  • X-ray equipment malfunctioning;

  • Removing safety enclosures while the x-ray equipment is still on;

  • Overriding or modifying the equipment's safety systems.

What you need to do

  • Follow the New Users instructions to complete any necessary registration and training requirements.

  • Most x-ray applications do not require you to register as a radiation worker but check with your Radiation Safety Coordinator (RSC).

  • All x-ray equipment is registered with the Radiation Protection Manager and permission must be obtained from the Radiation Protection Manager before any x-ray equipment is acquired.

  • All x-ray equipment must be inspected by the Radiation Protection Manager and have a valid 'Critical Examination' certificate before being used.

  • Always follow the Local Rules for your equipment and leave all safety systems intact: do not modify, remove or override them.

Risk assessments

You will not be required to complete a risk assessment of your own before using x-ray equipment. However, you should read the risk assessment below that matches the equipment you will be using.

Contact the Radiation Protection Manager if you need more guidance or advice.

X-ray Equipment Downloads