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Radiation Safety Coordinators


The Radiation Safety Coordinator (RSC) is usually appointed at a Faculty, School or Institute level.

The RSC carries out many of the administrative and practical aspects of radiation safety management in their area, provides assistance and support to Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPSs), and liaises with the University Radiation Protection Manager on any radiation safety issues.

Nominations and training

Nominations for RSCs should be made by the Dean or Head of School using the form in the download section below.

RSCs are required to complete an external Radiation Supervisor course and the online RPS training module. This can now be found in the 'Radiation Safety Training' area in Minerva which is a self-enrol organisation available to all staff and students.

If you haven’t already enrolled to the Minerva Ultra Radiation Safety Training organisation go to Enrol to Radiation Safety Training

You will only need to enrol once. When you have enrolled complete the Radiation Protection Supervisor Training Course

Role and responsibilities

Specifically, the RSC will:

  • assist Radiation Protection Supervisors with the preparation of suitable local rules (the rules and safety procedures for a specific or facility) and advise them on the rules' enforcement;

  • work with radiation groups to prepare Standard Operating Procedures (guidelines for safe use of equipment) and risk assessments;

  • approve user applications and update training records;

  • approve acquisitions of radioactive materials or sources;

  • supervise waste management arrangements;

  • issue radiation dose meters;

  • carry out periodic workplace monitoring surveys and inspections to check the continuing suitability of facilities;

  • implement contingency / emergency actions where necessary;

  • liaise with the University Radiation Protection Manager.

Radiation Safety Coordinators Downloads