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Authorisation to access restricted locations


At the University there are many locations (e.g. laboratories, roofs, kitchens, plantrooms and workshops) where, to keep people healthy and safe, access needs to be restricted. We do this to protect untrained or unsupervised people from harm that could be caused by the processes, equipment, or substances in these locations. 

Please note that there are currently additional measures in place for access to plant rooms, risers or ducts. If you require access to these areas as part of your working activity you will need to obtain authorisation from the Estates Asbestos Team.  If you require any further information or support please contact the Asbestos Team on ext. 35994.

Key points of this protocol are:

  • It restricts access for health and safety purposes only.

  • Locations where access is restricted are defined locally or by the University.

  • Locations where access is restricted are categorised as either ‘limited access’, ‘restricted access’ or ‘highly restricted access’ based on the Table

  • Restrictions on access are clearly identified.

  • Where a location is shared a formal agreement is in place and information shared.

  • A competent person is in place to authorise and amend access.

  • Only authorised people access restricted locations

Authorisation to Access Restricted Locations Downloads