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The University campus is both private land and a publicly used space and this brings a range of risks. Much of it is made up of space shared by pedestrians, non-motorised and motorised vehicles.

  • The University is committed to providing a campus route system which gives priority to users in the following order:
–Wheelchair users and pedestrians
–Non-motorised vehicles (bicycles, tricycles, etc)
–Motorised vehicles (cars, vans, motorcycles)
–Drivers and cyclists are made aware of the site rules
  • Defects to campus access routes are reported to Estates Helpdesk

  • Vehicles owned or hired by the University are roadworthy and properly maintained with the right documents, and hired from an approved supplier

  • People using vehicles owned or hired by the University have relevant licences, insurance and extra training  where necessary 

  • Risk assessments and control measures are in place where there is potential for significant risk from the activity, environment or vehicles

To find out what you need to do please read the documents attached below. To help you understand how to  use this protocol see the FAQs section.

Transport Downloads