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Safety topics

General safety

General Safety covers DSE, Health and Safety Committees, lone working, manual handling, monitoring, night workers and noise

Building safety

Building Safety covers asbestos, authorisation to access locations, electrical safety, legionella, LEVs, permits to work.

Accidents and incidents

The University has a legal duty to report certain accidents and incidents that occur in the course of work.

Biological safety

Hazardous biological material is that which contains any genetically modified organisms, or any biological agents or multicellular organisms which can cause harm to people, animals or the environment.

Contractor safety

The University of Leeds has a legal duty to protect the health and safety of contractors who work here or visit.

First aid

In the event of injury or sudden illness, first aid can make all the difference to a person's recovery, and could even save their life.

Fire safety

The University aims to minimise the likelihood the of fire onsite, reduce the impact of any fire on life, people’s safety, delivery of teaching, research, services, the environment and property.

Hazardous materials

Across the University people use a wide range of hazardous substances. The information in these pages aims to protect both people and the environment from harm.

Off campus safety

Fieldwork, placements, transport, study abroad, diving at work, events and drones.

Radiation and lasers

Health and safety information for when using radiation and lasers.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment provides sound economic benefits to the University as well as satisfying legal requirements, but its clearest purpose is to protect the health and safety of people at risk.

Training and competency

To enable staff to fulfil their roles safely, different levels of health and safety training, experience, knowledge and skills (competency) are needed.

Work equipment

It is essential that all risks to health and safety arising from the use of work equipment are prevented or controlled through correct and safe practices.