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Risk management of student placements


Placements are often an essential part of the learning and development of students, helping them gain a greater understanding and experience of the work environment. They are varied in nature, and could include anything from office work, to laboratory work, or work in construction, theatre, a workshop, factory etc. They could be in the UK or overseas and may last from a few days to a full academic year.

Key points of this protocol are: 

  • Everyone involved in the placement understands their role and responsibility.

  • All agreements are signed, recorded and in place before the placement begins.

  • Before the placement begins, students are briefed on relevant information including contingency/ emergency plans, how to raise and resolve problems, and reporting accidents, incidents and near misses to the University.

  • Records are kept for three years after the placement ends

  • The placement is reviewed after it has happened.  

Risk Management of Student Placements Downloads