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Principal Investigators/Radiation Protection Supervisors


The Radiation Protection Supervisor for a group will be the line manager, research supervisor or group leader (i.e. the Principal Investigator in most cases) and they will be responsible for radiation protection in their group. However in shared facilities one RPS can be appointed, by agreement, to oversee all work in that area.

Nominations and training

Nominations for RPSs should be made by the Head of School using the form in the download section below.

RPSs should complete the RPS training module.  This can now be found in the 'Radiation Safety Training' area in Minerva which is a self-enrol organisation.

If you haven’t already enrolled to the Minerva Ultra Radiation Safety Training organisation go to Enrol to Radiation Safety Training

You will only need to enrol once. When you have enrolled complete the Radiation Protection Supervisor Training Course

Role and responsibilities

As the RPS and PI are often the same person, their roles will overlap. In case there are instances in which the RPS and PI are separate people, we have listed the different responsibilities of each role.

The Principal Investigator should:

  • manage the safety of their projects;

  • ensure that risk assessments are made and their control measures implemented;

  • work with the radiation users in their group and the Radiation Safety Coordinator to prepare local rules.

The Radiation Protection Supervisor should:

  • ensure that work is carried out in accordance with local rules.

Role And Responsibilities Downloads