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Working with EMF/Microwaves

Controlled microwave and EMF SOPs

Protection from microwave and EMF radiation

Perhaps the most important way to protect yourself from over-exposure to controlled frequencies is to never work with or near live equipment: the safest practice for controlled activities is to ensure that all radio/microwave emitters are switched off.

Moreover, access to areas of high electromagnetic radiation should be restricted to those who are authorised and should therefore have been informed of the safety procedures necessary when undertaking controlled activities. These areas, or 'exclusion zones', will be shown by signs and barriers .

The last resort in terms of protection from microwave and radio radiation is protective gear such as special gloves and clothing. It is not recommended that you are in a situation in which you have to rely on these measures alone, but we understand that it may sometimes be necessary.

People fitted with electronic medical devices such as pacemakers should keep out of areas in which controlled frequencies are present. These areas will be marked by signs. If you are not sure if your medical implant will be affected by the frequencies present in an area, ask your doctor and/or facility staff.

Controlled Microwave and EMF SOPs Downloads