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Workplace risks


Many workplace activities carry some risk, albeit minor.  Those which are more likely to cause harm or carry a risk of serious harm will need to be risk assessed in line with the Risk Assessment Protocol to ensure safe systems of work.  It is important that you are familiar with the risk assessments applicable to your area of work and ensure that they are completed and regularly reviewed. 

There are a number of factors which can change which will mean that the levels of risk may change, these may include:

  • Personal e.g. you may have an illness/disability, develop an allergy, or become pregnant

  • People e.g. changes in workforce, new staff

  • Activity e.g. job tasks may change, new project

  • Equipment e.g. new equipment introduced, existing equipment damaged

  • Environment e.g. you may move work location, share workspace with others

If you feel that your work is affecting your health please speak to your manager.  This may be your line manager, Human Resources (HR) or Health and Safety Manager.  If it is found that there is a risk to your heath which cannot be removed through the control measures on the risk assessment then it may be suggested that you are referred to the University’s Occupational Health Service. 

Full details on the management of health and safety across the University to keep staff safe can be found at
Some specific health and safety information for the University can be found below:

The Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service may also be able to help you if you feel that your work is causing psychological issues such as stress.

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