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It is essential and unavoidable for some employees to be working a combination of days and nights throughout the week in order for the University to operate effectively. 

A nightworker is any worker whose daily working time includes at least 3 hours between 23:00 and 06:00 on:

  • Majority of days worked

  • Sufficiently often as to be said to work such hours as a normal course. (Normal course in this context means on a regular basis e.g. shift rotation, as opposed to an infrequent or ad-hoc basis.)

Under the Working Time Regulations the employer is obliged to offer a health assessment before taking up the assignment of night work and at regular intervals thereafter.   Those already engaged in night work should also be offered the same regular assessment based on the time scale below.  

These are recommended to be:

  • Every 3 years to the age of 45

  • Every 2 years to the age of 60

  • Annually thereafter.

For more information see HR / Working time regulations

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