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Occupational Health


The Occupational Health Service for the University sits strategically within Wellbeing, Safety and Health.  The team structure can be found here.

The Occupational Health Service is concerned principally with the recognition, prevention and control of the adverse effects of work on health and effective management of the employment problems caused by ill health. The two main aims are:

  1. Promote and maintain the health, safety and welfare of employees of the university.
  2. Promote compliance with all relevant aspects of health and safety legislation.


We offer a range of activities and services to the University, its employees and eligible students.  

These include: 

  • Advising Human Resources/managers about new appointees who present with potential medical problems.
  • Ill-health medical review/retirement.
  • Assessment and advice for staff working with disabilities and chronic health conditions.
  • Health surveillance determined by risk assessment, covering university staff and eligible postgraduate students.
  • Assessments relating to particular occupations within the University.
  • Assist staff with disabilities to access the resources to complete their work. 
  • Assessment and advice with regard to manual handling/noise/display screen equipment.
  • Immunisations for eligible staff and postgraduate students.
  • Emergency planning.

Opening times 

Our normal hours are 08:30 - 16:30 Monday to Friday.


Appointments are usually made via the Occupational Health Referral process, however if you have any questions or would like to discuss a matter with us, please contact Occupational Health Service.  

All consultations are by appointment as we do not offer a 'walk-in' service or a service for first aid or emergency medical assistance.  

If you or someone else is in need of urgent medical assistance please seek the help of a first aider in the area.  

If there is an emergency please contact Security Services on telephone number 0113 34 32222 who will assist you in contacting and guiding the relevant emergency services to attend your specific location on campus.  


If you have any concerns about being able to attend your appointment please contact Occupational Health on 0113 343 2997 ext 32997 or email and ask to speak to an Occupational Practitioner who will be able to advise further.

If you require wheelchair access or have a mobility issue there is a bookable disabled parking space behind the Occupational Health building on Willow Terrace. If you require this please ring the department on 0113 343 2997 ext 32997 or email who will give you further instructions.  

Confidentiality of information 

The University of Leeds Occupational Health Service takes employee confidentiality very seriously.  We treat all information and records with the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.  

Any information about an individual is confidential to the Occupational Health Service and may not be released to a third party without the informed consent in writing of the individual concerned.

Feedback & Complaints

We welcome feedback on the service or the website, please send any comments or suggested improvements to Occupational Health Service or complete the feedback and complaint form below and send it to Joanne Hoban, Interim Head of Occupational Health.

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