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Personal consultation, counselling and coaching


Confidential self-referral service for all staff for personal or work-related problems and challenges

Any member of staff can self-refer by contacting the service directly to arrange an appointment with one of the staff counsellors for a confidential consultation.  This facilitates access to coping strategies for stress management and advice about self-help resources.

Telephone sessions

Telephone sessions may be arranged if you are off sick or work outside Leeds. 

Professional role-based support for all staff

  • Consultative support for staff whose roles present particular psychological and interpersonal challenges.

  • Any member of staff can consult us regarding the psychological and interpersonal challenges of their role.  

  • Leaders and managers can consult us to receive support and insight into their situation and their challenges of leading and managing; and may also consult us about the support needs of their staff teams.

  • Individual, group or team interventions can be tailored to particular needs and contexts.


Any information about individuals who use the service is confidential to the service and may not be shared with a third party without written consent, unless there are exceptional circumstances.