Guidance on the Procedure for Travel against Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice

If the fieldwork takes place abroad, the person completing the Fieldwork Assessment should check the latest travel advice on the FCO website. This will clarify whether the FCO advises against ‘all but essential travel to’ or ‘all travel to’ an area.

Where FCO advice is against ‘all but essential travel’ or ‘all travel’ to an area, the Procedure for Travel against Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice must be followed.

An analysis of any risk associated with fieldwork should be undertaken as part of the Fieldwork Assessment bearing in mind the context of the location, where destinations are unstable politically or where there are significant cultural differences.

In-country contacts, colleagues, sponsors, staff and friends should be contacted to provide additional useful information against which to evaluate more formal information sources. Commercial providers and other sources of information should also be used e.g. travel websites, the Social Research Association etc

The Fieldwork Assessment could recommend providing a list of participants to the British Consulate together with details of the visit prior to departure. Non-British Nationals could register with their own country’s embassy or consul in the intended country of travel.

The Fieldwork Assessment must be approved in the first instance by the Head of School/ Service. It is then passed on for further review and approval, with the final decision being made by the Dean of Faculty/ Director and the Secretariat. This should be done with support from the Health and Safety Manager