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Staff training and development

Mental health and wellbeing at work

The World Health Organisation recently highlighted the need and value of employers to support mental health and thriving at work. Adjusting to, and making the most of, changes in working patterns has presented new opportunities and challenges for us all. Many of us are also facing concerns and stress associated with the current economic environment. 

The Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service are here to help you navigate any personal or work-related challenges, and support you in developing your emotional literacy, either personally, or within your role. Our professional workplace counsellors provide ongoing training opportunities where you can share your experiences and connect with colleagues across the University. These include:

  • Professional support for you: confidential consultation and staff counselling
  • Helping you do your job: consultation and psychological support related to your role
  • A suite of training resources: psychosocial resources for personal wellbeing and professional competence; role-based training on supporting others; stress and mental health support; mindfulness training; and bespoke development programmes and workshops.
  • Guidance documents: for individual staff and managers about managing stress and mental health at work

Please contact us at for further information.


New! Rest, Reset and Resume: our audio-guided practices draw on a range of mind-body grounding and stabilisation techniques used in our counselling sessions, mindfulness training and workshops. They are designed to facilitate mental and physical regulation to restore balance and mitigate the negative effects of stress. Take time out for yourself, try one to see how it benefits the rest of your day. 

Upcoming workshops

These sessions are particularly relevant to the stresses, strains and uncertainty many of are experiencing in our personal and professional lives due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the current world of work:

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