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Health and Safety Policy

Staff and Students responsibilities


Staff and Students responsibilities

Everyone has a responsibility for their own health and safety. We also have the responsibility for the health and safety of others who may be affected by both our acts and our failure to act, in our work, research or study. These responsibilities apply to each and every staff member and student.

Staff may also have additional responsibilities based upon their position in the University line management structure.

Everyone has the right not to proceed with any activity if they feel it poses a danger to their health or safety or that of others, or if they are unaware of the risk control measures (identifi by risk assessment etc). They must immediately raise their concerns with their academic leader, line manager, academic tutor, or with their Health and Safety Manager.

Staff and students must:

  • take reasonable care of themselves and co-operate with the University on health and safety matters
  • carry out their work, research and study safely and in accordance with this Policy, Protocols, local arrangements and any relevant legislation
  • be involved in the identification of hazards and the development of risk assessments and the implementation of control measures
  • follow any control measures identified through the risk assessment process
  • report an accident, incident, near miss or work-related illness, in the University’s online accident/ incident reporting system (Sentinel) using local arrangements or by contacting Health and Safety Services. (Students - tell their academic tutor)
  • notify their academic leader, line manager, or academic tutor (or Wellbeing Safety and Health) if they have a condition affecting health which may be caused by or made worse by work, study or research activities
  • complete the required online health and safety training modules. (Students - where directed by their academic tutors or local arrangements)
  • attend inductions and any health and safety training required for their role or activities
  • report any faults, damage, unsafe or unhealthy working conditions, practices or equipment using local arrangements. (Students - tell their academic tutor). For details of where to find these arrangements, contact
  • use equipment for its intended purpose and report any defects
  • on discovering a fire raise the alarm and leave by the nearest exit
  • on hearing a non-fire emergency alarm (e.g. equipment alarms or oxygen depletion alarms etc) follow the local process and instructions
  • notify their academic leader, line manager, or academic tutor in advance to set up a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) if they will need assistance to evacuate
  • not damage the fabric of the building, or connect directly to the services (e.g. gas, water, electricity etc) - other than through a standard electrical socket - without prior agreement from the Facilities Directorate Estate Services
  • bring any breaches of this Policy, Protocols or local health and safety arrangements to the attention of their academic leader, line manager or academic tutor, Health and Safety Manager or Head of School/ Service
  • Contact Wellbeing Safety and Health for advice on a topic where there is no existing Health and Safety Protocol.

For support and advice, speak to your health and safety team or email

To help you understand how to put your responsibilities into practice we’ve produced leaflets based on your role/s in the University line management structure. See the link to ‘Guidance leaflets’ under the Contents section at the top of this page.


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