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Health and Safety Policy

Heads of School/ Service responsibilities


Heads of School/ Service responsibilities

Heads of School/Service ensure compliance, implementation, continual improvement and monitoring of the University’s health and safety management system and local arrangements.

On a day-to-day basis the management, detailed planning and implementation (but not the responsibility) of health and safety at a local level may be delegated to others (e.g. academic leaders, line managers, or academic tutors).

Heads of School/Service have the responsibilities outlined below; this is in addition to those accrued via other roles (e.g. member of staff, academic leader, line manager, or academic tutor):

  • carry out the health and safety management roles delegated by their member of UEG
  • demonstrate leadership and commitment within their school/ service for health and safety
  • adopt and implement this Policy and the Health and Safety Protocols
  • support the development of faculty/ service/school health and safety objectives, plans and local arrangements, ensuring these are communicated to staff and where necessary other parties
  • work in partnership with Wellbeing Safety and Health and meet regularly with the Health and Safety Manager
  • promote the importance of staff being involved in the consultation/ participation process to develop University Health and Safety Protocols
  • ensure that effective risk assessment processes are in place and control measures implemented
  • ensure that risk assessments are regularly reviewed, based on the level of risk
  • fulfil the Head of School/Service requirements set out in the University’s Fire Safety Protocol at the Health and Safety webpages.

For support and advice, speak to your health and safety team or email

To help you understand how to put your responsibilities into practice we’ve produced leaflets based on your role/s in the University line management structure. See the link to ‘Guidance leaflets’ under the Contents section at the top of this page.


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