Health & Safety Policy

The Health and Safety Policy is currently being reviewed following extensive consultation and the new Policy will be launched at February 2018 Health and Safety Committee.

The current 2015 version of the Policy can be found at the bottom of this page. The Council of the University of Leeds believes that the health, safety and welfare of its staff, students and visitors are one of its highest priorities. The University commits itself to the highest standards of health and safety through continual improvement and the control of risk whilst ensuring the continued delivery of world-class education and research.

To achieve this, the University will ensure effective management of risk by setting, implementing and reviewing a quality-based health and safety management system and workplace health framework, and by allocating the resources necessary to attain these. It will also define clear management systems and ensure the involvement of all of its staff, by consultation with their representative organisations, when considering the actions necessary to meet this Policy.

The principal aims of the Policy are to ensure: 

  • legal compliance as a minimum 
  • the development of a health and safety management framework based upon the University protocols 
  • that health and safety responsibilities are defined for role-holders at the University 
  • that Policy and protocol requirements are implemented 
  • the setting of health and safety objectives as part of the planning process
  • that systems are in place to monitor health and safety by the University in partnership with staff organisations 
  • that effective communication and consultation systems for health and safety are in place
  • that our mechanisms are based on quality management systems with accreditation against internationally recognised standards
  • that a University health and safety committee is set up to meet regularly 
  • that risk management systems are in place to prevent injury and ill health.
  • The effective delivery of the Policy requires everyone to accept a personal responsibility for health and safety. The University will provide professional and competent support and advice to all members of our community. 


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