Health and Safety Policy 2015

The University is committed to a clear focus on health, safety and wellbeing through its aim to achieve academic excellence in education and research, supported by flexible and responsive services able to adapt quickly to change.

We will achieve this by:  

  • All our leaders demonstrating a serious commitment to sound health and safety systems and working practices
  • All our leaders and our staff sharing a mutual commitment to building and maintaining healthy and safe working practices
  • Benchmarking against appropriate sector norms for both accident rates and effective health and safety management
  • Our organisational culture being characterised by attitudes to health and safety which are proactive, responsible and based on mutual respect and regard.

Legislation imposes statutory duties on the University, its managers and its staff (often in relation to specific health and safety topics, including fire and radiation), whilst civil law imposes a wider duty of care to protect staff, students and other people from harm.

Responsibility and accountability for the implementation of health and safety are devolved to the levels set out within this Policy and moreover staff are trusted to find solutions to operational problems and initiate progress.

The University works in partnership with the campus trade unions to achieve compliance and proportionate management of risk, and thus develop effective health and safety management.