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Staff induction


Here at the University we see health and safety as a key priority to ensure that all staff, students and visitors have a safe and productive place to work and study.  Health and safety relates to all aspects of university life and it is important for all members of staff of the University.   Your commitment is essential in our development if the philosophy of ‘managing risk together’ as an automatic process across all university sites.  

Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL) induction checklist

Your Line Manager or a Health and Safety Coordinator will usually go through this with you. It will cover much of what you need to know about working for the University, including key health and safety information. For more information please see

Staff induction video

There are a series of induction videos which are an introduction to the University and how to stay safe and make the most of your time here.

Watch - You and Me: Staff health and safety at the University of Leeds (also available with subtitles)

This video guides you through life on campus and how to stay safe and achieve the highest standards possible. It discusses the proactive culture in the University and the critical role of how everyone’s job is to be vigilant about health and safety.

Watch - You and Me: Laboratory health and safety for staff (also available with subtitles)

This video is a specific guide for people working in laboratories, and other more dangerous areas of the University. It has been designed as an overview of the University and the role health and safety has on the measures in place to understand and manage risks to help prevent unnecessary situations occurring.

Areas such as laboratories or workshops will require you to undertake additional training. This will be organised locally and this will be arranged by your line manager or health and safety manager.

Watch - Staff: Staying healthy and safe at the University of Leeds (also available with subtitles)

This video is an introduction to how you can stay healthy and safe while working at the University whilst at the same time maximising productivity and achievements and supporting students.   It is essential for you to look after your psychological and physical health in all areas of your work and especially when working with more hazardous environments such as with chemicals and biological agents.  It identifies and highlights the support available at the University and how this can be accessed to enhance your time working at the University of Leeds.  

Remember to save 0113 343 2222 in to your phone to contact campus security in the case of an emergency