What are we consulting on?

What are we consulting on?

Your feedback is critically important to develop health and safety protocols that reflect the complexity of the University’s needs. We ask you for your views as part of a set consultation process agreed by the University Health and Safety Committee and the recognised campus trade unions.

We are currently consulting on the:

Health and Safety Protocol for Drones until Thursday 6 February 2020

Consultation key points:

• The consultation documents are attached below.

Please send in your feedback using the online form by Thursday 6 February 2020.

• If you use a screen reader, please open the form using Google Chrome browser.

If you prefer you can email feedback by the date above to safety@leeds.ac.uk

In particular we would like to know:

• Are you clear on what you will need to do for the Protocol?

• Does the Protocol make sense to you?

• Is anything missing? Do you need anything else to help you put it into practice?

For more information on the consultation see the FAQs on the right hand side of this webpage, speak to your Health and Safety Manager, call x34201 or contact safety@leeds.ac.uk