What are we consulting on?

What are we consulting on?

Your feedback is critically important to develop health and safety protocols that reflect the complexity of the University’s needs. We ask you for your views as part of a set consultation process agreed by the University Health and Safety Committee and the recognised campus trade unions.

We are currently consulting on the Health and Safety Training and Competency Protocol – see the documents attached at the bottom of the page.

The consultation period lasts for 6 weeks over the Summer - please submit your feedback using the Online Feedback Form (you will be asked to sign into Office 365) by Friday 4 October 2019.

 This Protocol includes the following documents:

· Standard - this sets out the University’s requirements - i.e. each of the five elements listed in the Standard must be fulfilled in every area across campus.

· Template Training Matrix - the Standard requires that a Training Matrix is produced at University and at faculty/ service level. This is an example of the kind of Training Matrix which could be completed.

· Guidance - the Guidance suggests one way in which each of the five required elements listed in the Standard, could be fulfilled. If an area follows this, they will fulfil the Standard. 

In particular we are interested in your feedback on:

• Are you clear on what you will need to do for the Protocol?

• Does the Protocol make sense to you?

• Is anything missing? Do you need anything else to help you put it into practice?

For more information on the consultation see the FAQs on the right hand side of this webpage, speak to your Health and Safety Manager, call x34201 or contact safety@leeds.ac.uk.  If you have any problems with the form, you can send your feedback to safety@leeds.ac.uk