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A complete list of all the forms available on our website:


Biological Safety

  • Risk management of hazardous biological materials form


  • Appendix 1a
  • Appendix 1b – Application for authorisation to undertake works of a minor nature
  • Appendix 2
  • Appendix 2b
  • Appendix 2b – Area decontamination certificate
  • Appendix 4c
  • Appendix 5a
  • Appendix 5b – Contractors approval form
  • Appendix 5b
  • Appendix 7

Diving at work

  • Application to become a diver
  • Appendix 2
  • Appendix 4
  • Appendix 5


  • Event category table
  • Events planning application form
  • Events significant risk assessment form


  • Fieldwork risk assessment form

Fire Safety

  • Building fire risk assessment remedial action form
  • Building fore risk assessment (structural and electrical) form
  • Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres (DSEAR) risk assessment form
  • Fire precautions checklist
  • Operational fire risk assessment form

Hazardous Substances

  • Hazardous substances risk assessment form

Health and Safety Monitoring

  • Laboratory Inspection Checklist
  • Office Inspection Checklist
  • Technical/ Workshop Inspection Checklist
  • Health and Safety Inspection Report and Action Plan 

Health and Safety Training

  • Competencies log inspectors
  • Competencies log risk assessment
  • External training providers approval form

Laser Safety

  • Laser Safety Officer LSO Appointment
  • Laser Justification
  • Laser Tender Spec


  • Service Connection or Disconnection to a Water Supply (Estate Services)

Lone Working

  • Lone working risk assessment form

Manual Handling

  • Manual handling risk assessment form

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

  • PEEP Questionnaire for disabled staff and students


  • Placement risk management action plan form

Radiation Safety

  • Radiation protection supervisor appointment form
  • Radiation safety coordinator application form

Risk Management

  • General risk assessment

Study abroad

  • Pre-departure risk assessment form


  • Driver declaration
  • Driver documentation
  • Vehicle documentation
  • Vehicle safety checklist


  • Disposal request form