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Looking after yourself this winter

Colder weather often brings an increase in a range of viruses which can spread more easily. We’re encouraging you to keep well this winter by taking steps to prepare and protect yourself, and those around you.

Keep safe

You can reduce the risk of catching and passing flu, colds, COVID-19 or any infectious illness by:

Stay compassionate

We ask everyone to consider the needs and feelings of others in our community. Please continue to show the same understanding and respect for each other that has been a hallmark of our collective approach.

What to do if you are unwell 

We want to support you to take the time you need to rest, recover, and keep everyone as safe and as well as possible. 

  • If you are not well enough to work you should remain at home and report your sickness in the usual way. 

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or any other infectious illness and are well enough to work, you should not come onto campus until you have spoken to your line manager. Your line manager will discuss the cause of you feeling unwell, and your symptoms, to agree whether you should be working at all, and what adjustments might be made for you, including potentially working from home.  

  • For advice on what to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms, or have tested positive, please follow the latest NHS guidance. Please be aware that there is now no obligation to test for COVID-19, however if you do test then the NHS guidance will apply. Please note you will not be required to have a negative test result in order to mix with others again after having the virus.   


If you require any support, please discuss this with your line manager or human resources manager. You can also contact the University’s Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Team or visit the Wellbeing, Health and Safety webpages.


Many areas have mechanical ventilation, which should not be adjusted as these have been calibrated to the right setting.

Other spaces without mechanical ventilation will have windows that can be opened. You can leave a window ajar all day, or open a window after a meeting to let fresh air in and ventilate the space.

Please report any concerns about mechanical ventilation to the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk.

Clinically vulnerable individuals

The University expects staff to work on campus as required by their line manager.

Whilst particularly vulnerable individuals are not being advised to shield, we understand the concerns of these staff and students during the winter period.

In some circumstances, staff and students may have received advice from their doctor or clinician to take additional precautions. If so they should continue to follow that advice. Anyone with health concerns that affect their ability to work, or study, are encouraged to speak to their line manager, human resources, personal tutor or supervisor.

Face coverings

Wearing a face covering on campus is no longer required (clinical settings may still follow NHS guidance, and if so you’ll need to respect this). We recognise that individuals may still choose to wear a face covering and this should be respected by all members of our community.

Useful links and resources

Health and safety advice