What are we consulting on?

What are we consulting on?

Your feedback is critically important to develop health and safety protocols that reflect the complexity of the University’s needs.   We ask you for your views as part of a set consultation process agreed by the University Health and Safety Committee and the recognised campus trade unions.

Driving and using vehicles on University business – NEW Health and Safety Protocols feedback by Thursday 30 November 2017

Many staff drive for University business either regularly or on an ad hoc basis. This includes staff driving their own, hired, leased or University vehicles to visit students on placements, attend conferences or meetings, go on fieldwork trips, or drive around campus (e.g. Security or catering vans)

To take part in this consultation, please:

•Read the documents at the bottom of this webpage.

•Send your feedback to safety@leeds.ac.uk by Thursday 30 November 2017

For more information speak to your Health and Safety Manager, call  ext. 34201 or contact safety@leeds.ac.uk

We are interested in your thoughts generally, but also specifically on the following questions:

•Do you understand what you will need to do if you drive on University business?

•Does it make sense?

•Is anything missing? Do you need anything else to help you put it into practice?