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The Workable Ranges Model

Sally Rose and the Staff Counselling team have developed the Workable Ranges Model to help explain how personal or work-related stressors can impact and push us out of our comfort zones – both as individuals and as teams.

The model combines knowledge about how important energy, stress and emotional regulation is for good mental and physical health. Workable ranges are optimal and sustainable states for when you feel and function well at work.

Click on the image below and view the animation to understand how our actions and conditions best support a healthy, sustainable balance. You can also use the model to learn about patterns of reaction to stress. This can inform and guide you in exploring what kind of self-care, life or work adjustments you might need when things feel overwhelming.

Play button for Workable Play video


Podcasts: Rest, reset and resume

Unsettled, disorientated, distracted? Do you want to regain composure and feel more in control?

Our series of 15 minute audio-guided practices give you the opportunity to catch up with yourself, settle, and reorientate. These podcasts draw on a range of mind-body grounding and stabilisation techniques used in our counselling sessions, mindfulness training and other workshops. They are designed to facilitate mental and physical regulation to restore balance and mitigate the negative effects of stress.

Try listening to one and discover how shifting attention, and with small mental and physical gestures, we can take a more active position in relation to how we feel and how we work.