Calling an ambulance on campus

Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) has recommended the University changes the way we call for an ambulance in an emergency on campus.

Need First Aid Poster - Ambulance Calls

From 27th January the process for calling an ambulance in an emergency on campus is changing.  

  • Call for a First Aider. Each school/service has its own way of calling first aiders – look out for information and posters on how to do this where you work. If in doubt, shout for one!
  • If an ambulance is needed, call 999* first so the YAS Emergency Call Handler can help you and the casualty immediately (*dial 9 for an outside line first if you’re calling from an internal University landline).
  • Then tell Security you’ve called for an ambulance by calling 0113 34 32222 (x32222), so colleagues there can help support and direct the ambulance to you through our complex campus. 
For more information and FAQs please see here.