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Our teams


Health and Safety Services

Health and Safety Services work in partnership with staff and the trade unions to help minimise significant risks in your work, whilst supporting the achievements of excellence in research, teaching and students’ academic activities.

Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Service aims to promote health, safety and welfare of employees of the University by offering confidential advice and assistance in

  • Protecting health at work

  • Promoting healthy working conditions

  • Helping recovery and return to work after illness or injury

  • Improving health and fitness

Staff Counselling and Psychological Support

The Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service (SCPSS) provides confidential professional support for all University staff for personal or work-related problems and challenges.


The Wellbeing team promote mental and physical wellbeing within the University through various activities and events as well as providing support for those who would like to quit or cut down smoking.