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Training and development


The service provides a rolling programme of workshops and courses each year in psychological health, personal resilience, mindfulness, emotional and social competencies at work.

Personal Resilience and Restorative Skills workshops

The Personal resilience and restorative skills suite is a range of 2-hour workshops to help develop knowledge, skills and strategies for managing and responding to challenging times and experiences. 

They aim to aid individual coping strategies, manage organisational change and prepare for the future. These workshops dovetail together, and can also be taken individually by delegates who may have identified specific areas where they would benefit from some guidance.  The flyer, Personal Resilience and Restorative Skills workshops,  has a summary of the 11 workshops and the dates for the year.

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness training is a practical course based on meditation, attention and self-awareness skills. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction can reduce the negative effects of stress by improving the self management of work stress and increasing mental balance and personal effectiveness at work.  Participants learn to relate differently to their experiences and develop more choices of ways of coping. These are usually held 4 times a year and each course lasts for 8 weeks.  Information and taster sessions enable you to try it out and see if it would suit you. 

Mindfulness at Work 8 week course information

Using Psychological Perspectives to Understand and Manage Professional Relationships 
This training explores how an understanding of psychological models can help illustrate how our behaviour can be modified to achieve successful outcomes at work.  It consists of two separate workshops taken three weeks apart and has been designed to provide an impetus to create a new momentum for change.  It is designed to help you understand the need to analyse and select behaviours at work and how this may be accomplished.

Using Psychological Perspectives to Understand and Manage Professional Relationships information.

Supporting People in Distress

Supporting people in distress information.

Also look out for workshops during Healthy Week in the Spring Term. The subjects usually covered include: mindfulness, relaxation, sleep and managing stress.

Bespoke consultancy and training

The service provides consultations to managers and can offer bespoke training and consultancy for groups and teams with specific needs and concerns, when resources allow. Subjects include: working with stress, managing change, self-management, mindfulness, emotional and social competencies.

This workshop will help participants understand the range of possible reactions a person may have in times of distress. The workshop will be helpful when dealing with work colleagues, students or the people one manages. It will look at: ways to manage distressed reactions; how to ensure that a distressed person gets adequate support and care in the moment of distress;  methods to consider managing distress in the mid- and longer-term  for both individuals and teams.