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Smokefree Campus support materials


The University is providing support materials for use locally. If you have any questions please contact the Smokefree team using the Smokefree Campus form.

Resources attached at the bottom of the page

  • Smokefree campus hyperlink email signature and guide - sample designs to add to your email signatures, with instructions on how to do this. 
  • A3 poster - PDF so you can print it from your printer
  • A4 poster - PDF so you can print it from your printer
  • A5 leaflet - PDF so you can print it from your printer

Resources you can request from the Smokefree team by using the Smokefree Campus form:

  • Hard copies of the A3 poster, A4 poster or the A5 flyers
  • Hard copies of the foldout information cards to give out to people.
  • Empty belly posters to use in your own areas.
  • The Smokefree team can also offer presentations about the move for your local meetings.

Video resources

  • A 2 minute video for staff is here
  • Two videos produced by students as part of a University-wide competition are here - Video 1 and Video 2

Welcome/ induction text

Sample text for use in your induction/ welcome materials:

The University of Leeds is proud to take the first step to become a Smokefree campus, part of a city-wide ambition to create a Smokefree generation by 2025. We are asking people not to smoke outside on campus between 8am and 6pm every day as we aim to inspire people - and in particular current and future generations of young people – to choose not to smoke. Currently people can still vape on campus, as it’s recognised as an aid to stop smoking, but we’re working towards our campus being completely Smokefree by 2025. Smoking and vaping inside University buildings or by their entrances remains prohibited.

More information for staff is at Smokefree campus and University Smoking policy or for students at Student information'