RIVO Update

Wednesday, 3rd October 2018

RIVO Update

Responding to staff feedback, RIVO, the University’s online risk assessment package has now been upgraded with more user-friendly graphics, a simplified menu style and a new sign off process.

The new  sign-off process is much simpler than before:- once the risk assessment is complete:

  • the Assessment Creator puts the Sign-off Manager’s name in the ‘sign off’ box. Note that the Assessment Creator and Sign-off Manager may be the same person, but the following two-step review and sign off process still needs to be carried out.
  • the Assessment Creator clicks “Risk assessment reviewed”
  • This will save the assessment, and set it to ‘reviewed by the Assessment Creator’, and ‘requiring sign off by the Sign-off Manager’ all in one step. Previously, this would have taken 4 individual steps.
  • The Sign-off Manager will then automatically receive an email notification asking them to sign off the risk assessment.
  • The Sign-off Manager then needs to review the risk assessment and once happy with it, put their name in the sign off box and click “Sign off”. The assessment is then automatically saved and signed off.

If you have any questions please speak to your Health and Safety Manager or contact Kevin Meloy or Sara McDonnell on ext. 32234.