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Our University believes that supporting the health and wellbeing of staff is paramount. In July 2018 Wellbeing Safety and Health appointed two Health and Wellbeing Coordinators Bernadette Hardware and Greg Hull to support and deliver a varied and responsive health and wellbeing plan for our University.

See where we are placed in the Wellbeing, Safety and Health team structure here.

Bernadette and Greg are now carrying out an initial mapping exercise of wellbeing activity with a view to the first step of creating a ‘roadmap to wellbeing’.

Over the next few months they are keen to engage more widely with staff to:

· Support the development and delivery of short interventions such as Staff Healthy Week

· Develop a wellbeing strategy

· Support an environment with opportunities that both encourage and enable staff to make positive lifestyle choices

· Develop and deliver theme-specific projects and programmes of work to support health and wellbeing.

If you are involved in any local wellbeing initiatives, or if you are interested in getting involved or have any questions around wellbeing please contact Bernadette or Greg:

Bernadette Hardware, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

Tel :- 0113 343 9737 (x39737)

Email:- b.m.hardware@leeds.ac.uk

Greg Hull, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

Tel :- 0113 343 9737 (x39737)

Email:- g.d.hull@leeds.ac.uk