Fieldwork is an essential part of University teaching and research, which inspires and enables academic and personal development.  

    People organising fieldwork need to use an effective risk assessment process to ensure that as a University we fulfil our duty of care to protect staff, students and other affected people.

    Travel outside of Fieldwork is like any other hazard and should be covered by a risk assessment, which should include the details of the trip. See your local processes for more details.

    Key points of this protocol are:

    • Be clear about the definition of fieldwork

    • Identify fieldwork activity organisers and other key roles

    • Complete the Fieldwork Risk Assessment before fieldwork occurs

    • Follow the Fieldwork Procedure

    • Where foreign and commonwealth office (FCO) advice is against ‘all but essential or all travel’, gain approval via the Travel against FCO advice Procedure

    • Brief people carrying out fieldwork beforehand

    • If using third party organisations, assess their suitability beforehand

    These bullet points are only a brief summary – the Standard sets out what needs to happen across the University. See the documents below.