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Optical Radiation


A Risk Assessment will determine the need for health surveillance for employees working with optical radiation.

The type of risk influences whether the need for surveillance is required e.g. a history of photosensitivity is unlikely to be relevant to laser use.

The types of radiation of most concern are:

  • Ultraviolet

  • Infrared

  • Lasers

On starting work, if you have previously experienced any of the following bearing in mind the above, then referral to Occupational Health Service should occur to determine the level of surveillance required. 

  • History of photosensitivity

  • History of eye disease or permanent eye damage

  • Monocular vision

During work referral should occur in the event of:

  • Exposure above any exposure limit value

  • Any injury occurring to the eye or skin as a consequence of artificial optical radiation

  • The development of any of the above three factors arising under ‘starting work’.

A copy of the optical radiation assessment report will be provided for the individual. A copy will also be provided to their line manager which should be kept by the manager in local health records.  

Management will be informed of the outcome of the assessment with any recommendations for action.