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School Committees



  • Each school must convene a School Health and Safety Committee three times a year.
  • The committee’s main purpose is to enable consultation between management and trade union representatives on health and safety issues; it also advises the Head of School on health and safety issues and enables monitoring of health and safety systems.
  • Model terms of reference
  • To review school health and safety systems, monitoring practices and accident figures and trends, and ensure a uniform approach to health and safety.
  • To consider reports, correspondence or relevant issues from trade union safety representatives, members of staff, outside agencies and enforcing authorities.
  • Relevant feedback from previous University and Faculty Health and Safety Committees should be presented to ensure effective sharing of information


  • Each school committee should meet in advance of the Faculty and University Health and Safety Committees so it can send salient items up to those agendas.
  • Committees should review health and safety systems relevant across the school and not become reporting centres for operational issues that should be dealt with by local managers
  • The school must publish meeting dates at least one term in advance, where staff can see them.
  • Meetings should not be cancelled or postponed except in exceptional circumstances, when the rearranged date should be announced as soon as possible.
  • Responsibility for meeting arrangements and facilitation, as well as taking, recording & distributing minutes lies with administrative support to the Head of School.
  • Co-opted advisers should attend only that section of the meeting to which they are contributing directly
  • Minutes should be circulated to all invited members of the Committee and made available for all staff to view as soon as possible after the meeting.
  • An agenda and draft previous minutes should be sent to all invited members 7 days prior to the committee. 

Model membership

  • School Health and Safety Committees must invite an equal membership of managers and trade union safety representatives.
  • The Head of School must chair School Health & Safety Committees.
  • The Head of School should appoint management representatives with sufficient authority to give proper consideration to views and recommendations.
  • The Health and Safety Manager (or nominated representative) must be invited to attend.
  • Each recognised trade union must be invited to nominate safety representatives to attend.
  • Co-opted advisers could include Service Managers from the cross-cutting services (e.g. Estates, RCS, HR and ISS), Fire Safety Managers, Health and Safety Co-ordinators, Occupational Health Managers, student representatives and other specialist advisers who attend to report on campus-wide initiatives and issues.

Health and Safety Commitee Downloads