VC's Award for Health & Safety - Focus on Winners

Wednesday, 7th March 2018

VC's Award for Health & Safety - Focus on Winners

Each month there will be feature on each of the winners from last year's VC's Award for Health and Safety.

Leadership Award in the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Health and Safety 2017. 

Professor Robert Kelsall and Professor John Cunningham
Robert and John began addressing weaknesses in health and safety management and ripping up old attitudes to laboratory ownership and management. They determined to work – and train our students – to the high health and safety management standards that industry hold, and instil a new sense of progress and continuous improvement.

They led by example and ensured that the high health and safety management standards achieved in industry were achieved in the Faculty of Engineering, too. The panel were impressed by their passion and enthusiasm, which led to a ‘hands on’ approach that developed the positive culture and behaviours around health and safety.

Ed Woodhouse  
Ed facilitates day-to-day implementation of health and safety, coordinating the labs and services across the Energy Building to provide a safe environment for students. He brings a positive ‘can-do’ attitude to his work and always puts the safety and interests of students at the forefront of his priorities.

He brought a positive ‘can do’ attitude to work, supported and worked with PGR students and ensured that they were following safe working practices. The panel were impressed by his communication skills and the way his informal student mentoring embedded a strong health and safety culture. 

Ed Woodhouse and Professor John Cunningham from the Faculty of Engineering, and Lynn Clarke, Head of Health and Safety 

Image of the winners of the leadership awards.