Safety Alert - Freestanding bookcases

Wednesday, 1st November 2017

Safety Alert - Freestanding bookcases

An incident has recently occurred where a member of staff was injured after a freestanding bookcase fell onto them whilst they were sat at their desk.

This was due to someone slipping on an object and falling into the bookcase. The bookcase then toppled onto another member of staff sat at their desk, hitting them on the head and arm. Thankfully their injuries were not severe but potentially could have been much worse and all parties were quite shaken by the incident; these particular bookcases have now been removed from this area.

Bookcase Dimensions: 1.6m (H) x 1.0m (W) x 0.4m (D)

Supplier: Senator
Positioned between banks of desks acting as a bookcase and divider in an open plan office environment.

The initial investigation findings suggest the following factors contributed to the bookcase falling over.

Picture of a free standing bookcase

The momentum of a person falling against this bookcase was enough to knock it off balance so it toppled onto a person sitting behind it. 

• The folders contained were all relatively lightweight with no significant stabilising weight at the base

• The bookcase dimensions (tall and narrow) and freestanding