First Aid - Roles & Responsibilities

Senior managers in leadership positions

  • Ensure policy is appropriately reviewed.
  • Give support to the implementation of the policy and associated procedures.

Heads of department / heads of service

  • Ensure the need for first aid is assessed and addressed.
  • Appoint competent people to deliver first aid requirements.
  • Consider the need for first aid in situations such as fieldwork, halls of residence, overseas travel, sports facilities and events.
  • Ensure appropriate resources are available.

Appointed person / first aid coordinator / local safety manager

  • Take charge following illness or injury at work.
  • Procure and maintain first aid equipment.
  • Assess the first aid need for the area of responsibility.
  • Liaise with other departments or employers when applicable to ensure adequate cover for a building during all regular hours of use. This includes those out of normal office hours.
  • Liaise with the occupational health service on training for first aiders.
  • Ensure appropriate records of first aid activity are kept.
  • Ensure local information on obtaining first aid assistance is available.
  • Ensure local information on how to recruit further assistance is available.
  • Ensure all information is kept up to date.
  • Ensure training of the required number of first aiders is accommodated.

First aiders

  • Respond promptly when requested.
  • Operate within competence.
  • Know how to secure additional help when needed.
  • Report incidents and actions taken.
  • Comply with requirements for certification.

Head of health and safety

  • Audit departments’ provision and arrangements for first aid.

Head of the occupational health service

  • Ensure the provision of training in first aid.
  • Ensure the content of training is appropriate for first aid at work.
  • Give advice and guidance on policy and process.
  • Liaise with and advise those responsible for first aid when requested.
  • Ensure certificated first aiders are entered on to the University’s record system.
  • Ensure a recall system is operating.
  • Give advice on assessments.

Head of security

  • Ensure security staff are trained to meet the agreed needs of the University, especially outside regular hours.
  • Ensure that departmental first aiders can be backed up.
  • Liaise with emergency services when required.

Managers of residences, conferences and sports events:

Will have responsibilities drawn from the above. The essential aim is the provision of appropriate first aid cover.