The Choir is sponsored by the Staff Centre and a £20 yearly membership fee will be applicable. If you would be interested in joining the choir please email: staffcentre@leeds.ac.uk

After a couple of trial sessions before Easter, a group of about 20 staff members, drawn from across all departments of the University began weekly rehearsals for about an hour after work on Wednesdays. A typical reaction to these was “Just to let you both know that I really enjoyed last week, and am looking forward to remaining rehearsals.” A few members were singing in choirs, but several hadn’t sung since their schooldays. As the 6th July and the Staff Festival loomed ever closer rehearsals became a little more intense, but the performance was a triumph! It was quickly suggested that the choir should continue meeting regularly.

“I like the variety of the current repertoire – singing pieces from different periods (particularly early music), different parts of the world and different styles. It has extended my knowledge of music and introduced me to pieces that I may never have come across otherwise.”

Singing in the work place and a wider arts and health agenda has been a growing movement in recent years, aided, perhaps, by the activities of a certain Gareth Malone on TV.  It was this idea, combined with a wish to provide an opportunity for University staff to contribute in a practical way to the annual Staff Festival that led the Wellbeing, Health and Safety Department to instigate a Staff Festival Choir for the Festival in 2012.

“I like the current choice of repertoire and also last year’s.  I have offered suggestions for different types of music in the past and these have been incorporated into the repertoire.”

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