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Activities undertaken at work can have an impact on health as a result of exposures which may be physical, psychological or a result of materials handled. The University manage risk using risk assessments with its outcome influencing the process of Risk Management. Where the control of risk still leaves a danger to health, your Line Manager, HR Manager or Health and Safety Manager may refer you to the Occupational Health Service for health surveillance.  

For more information see Workplace Risks.

If you feel work is having an adverse impact upon a member of staff's health you should discuss your concern with them in a supportive manner. In addition, especially if not easily resolved, discuss it with your HR Manager to obtain advice and to ensure compliance with University policy and guidance. You may also need to address this concern with the Health and Safety Manager.

If this process does not improve the situation, it is suggested that the employee is referred to the Occupational Health Service.  

For more information see Workplace Risks.