Frequently Asked Questions

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After a prolonged period of absence due to ill-health you will need to attend a return to work interview with your line manager / HR Manager / Occupational Health.  The level of response required will be determined by the reason and duration of your absence.  During this meeting you will put together a plan and follow-up points to ensure that you can continue your role safe and well at the University.  

For more information see Referrals / Guidance for Managers.

If you think work is affecting or may be affecting your health, some action should be taken by yourself.

In the first instance you should raise the matter with your Line Manager or Human Resources Manager. You can also approach your Health & Safety Manager, Health & Safety Officer or Health & Safety Co-ordinator in your area if it is appropriate.

Alternatively, you can consider discussing the matter with your Trade Union. 

For more information see Workplace Risks and Referrals.  

Yes, you can self-refer by telephoning 0113 34 32997 (ext. 32997) and booking an appointment. 

Advice and guidance will be given but no report will be sent to HR or your manager.  We recommend that if it is a work related issue causing the problems that this will need to be discussed with your line manager or HR manager in order to be able to make improvements to the situation.  

For more information see Referrals.