Frequently Asked Questions

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We listened to staff feedback on the current health and safety protocol and, having reviewed the documents, realised that changes needed to be made. 

Whenever substantial changes are made to a protocol, Health and Safety Services follow a robust consultation process to check that it meets the needs of the University, our staff and students, as well as the legal requirements. We want to double-check that the information we provide is helpful and clear and that we get the right balance between compliance and ‘workability’ in this unique and diverse organisation. 

Health and Safety Services are developing new protocols for relevant topics e.g. hazardous substances or risk management of events. 

Each protocol contains a number of documents. These include the Standard (sets out ‘the big picture’ of what the University expects), required roles and actions and various guidance documents aimed at different audiences within the University.

All staff are invited to feedback their thoughts, although some topics may only be relevant to specific people. 

The trade unions represent both members and non-members around health and safety. 

Sometimes we ask specific questions for you, and sometimes we just want to know whether the documents make sense. Whichever way, we are interested in all your thoughts on the topic.

Please send it to or by internal mail to Health and Safety Services, 5 – 9 Willow Terrace, by the deadline set out on the webpage for each individual consultation. Most protocol consultations last for 4 weeks, although consultations in the Summer are usually for 6 weeks to allow for holiday time.

Most topics have a 4 week consultation period – please check the deadline for each individual topic.

In October 2008 the Health and Safety Committee agreed a two stage consultation process: 

1. Sounding Board group where senior managers and trade union health and safety representatives discuss whether more information is needed. 

Broad consultation - where Wellbeing, Safety and Health and the unions gain feedback from relevant staff across campus. 

Collating of feedback - we develop final documents, and make them available on the Health and Safety website – - supported by training. 

You could ask your Health and Safety Manager or you could contact Health and Safety Services directly on or etx. 34201

All consultation documents can be found on our website.

Once the feedback from this consultation has been collated, Health and Safety Services will update and launch the new protocol as soon as possible. If you would like to be notified when the new protocol is launched, please email us at to let us know which protocol you are interested in.