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A suite of documents which sit alongside the University Health and Safety Policy and provide detailed information on what you need to do to meet both legal and University requirements for different health and safety topics.

Standard – specifies what the University expects to be in place for Management of manual handling. Each bulletpoint is a ‘must happen’ and everyone needs to play their part in ensuring these requirements are met. Heads of School/ Service will set up systems and appoint staff into specific roles to make sure they happen; everyone else needs to carry out tasks and instructions to fulfil them. 

Guidance – provides one way of implementing a system that will achieve the requirements of the Standard.  The Head of School or Service (with your Health and Safety Manager) will decide if this (or another system) suits the needs of each school/ service most effectively.  So long as the Standard is achieved there is usually flexibility in the way that it can be achieved. 

Additional guidance for completing a specific manual handling risk assessment - provides more detail on when a specific manual handling activity risk assessment is required.  It also provides more detailed guidance for completing the specific manual handling activity risk assessment for lifting and carrying and pushing and pulling.

Flowchart: manual handling - quick reference flow chart, to be used in conjunction with the additional guidance document.

Template manual handling risk assessment form – this is a blank template of a specific manual handling risk assessment form for trained staff to use to manage the risks from lifting and carrying and pushing and pulling.  

Manual handling health and safety training matrix – outlines the different types and levels of training required for various manual handling activities.

Head of School/ Service – discuss the protocol (particularly the Standard, Guidance, Additional Guidance for completing MH risk assessments and Training matrix) with your Health and Safety Manager to make sure you have a system in place to fulfil the Standard.  

Line Managers – ensure that there are suitable risk assessments, and where appropriate, specific manual handling risk assessments in place for your staff.

All other staff and students - make yourself aware of and follow the arrangements / instructions/ processes that have been put in place in your school / service  - ask your Health and Safety Manager or Coordinator if you need more information or support.  Familiarise yourself with any relevant risk assessments and safe operating procedures.

Staff who routinely carry out manual handling, as part of their job.  (See also Manual Handling Training Matrix.)

At least every three years

No – as a rough guide, the load two people can handle safely together is approximately two thirds of the total loads they would have been able to handle separately.