Frequently Asked Questions

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Where possible the use of extension leads should be avoided and additional sockets fitted. Where this is not possible extension leads may be used; but these (especially coiled drum types) should be full uncoiled to prevent overheating and ensure you position the lead carefully to prevent any risk of damage or causing slips/trips.

No it is not. Combining extension leads puts additional stress on the sockets and fuses and can cause them to overhead and catch fire should their safety fuses fail.

Just because an extension plug has space for four sockets doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe to use all four sockets.  Need to check the rating of the extension lead (usually on back or bottom). Most extension leads sold in the UK have a rating of 13A, but some are rated at 10A.

Do not plug in any items if they exceed the rating of the lead – for instance, if you have a 13A-rated extension lead, do not plug in a 13A and a 3A item, as this exceeds the extension leads 13A capacity.

No, the use of block adaptors is not acceptable within University premises, and these are also included on the List of prohibited articles as part of the Fire Safety protocol. There are no safeguards with these type of adaptors and a major problem is that it is very easy to overload a socket.