Frequently Asked Questions

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Standard – specifies what the University expects to be in place for Placements. Each bulletpoint is a ‘must happen’ and everyone needs to play their part in ensuring these requirements are met. Heads of School/ Service will set up systems and appoint staff into specific roles to support their implementation; everyone else needs to carry out tasks and instructions as required.

Definitions – explanations of some of the terms used in this protocol to help you understand what is required. 
Proposed roles and actions – placements are very varied and each school will require different roles to help the process flow smoothly. This document sets out some suggested roles and actions to help the Head of School implement the Standard.
Overall Guidance – explains the system which needs to be in place and the actions that are needed to carry out to fulfil the Standard.
Flowchart to show the process for Placement risk management process – information to help you follow the Procedure. If you need more support, contact your Health and Safety Manager.

Risk management action plan form – a proposed form which staff may like to complete to help them in the planning of the placement and briefing of the students.

Guide to risk profiling  – extra guidance to help staff complete the Risk management action plan form, if they wish.

Tripartite Agreements - The agreement which is listed in the Standard and so which the University, the student and the Placement Provider MUST sign before the placement goes ahead, unless a University-approved alternative has been agreed and signed instead.  Here we include versions in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese; if you need a version in another language, discuss this with your Health and Safety Manager.

Head of School/Service – discuss the protocol (particularly the Standard, Overall Guidance, proposed roles and actions and any training needs) with your Health and Safety Manager to make sure you have a system in place to fulfil the Standard.  Appoint people to fulfil any identified roles and provide them with training to support them effectively.

All other staff and students - make yourself aware of and follow the arrangements / instructions/ processes that have been put in place in your school / service  - ask your Health and Safety Manager or Coordinator if you need more information or support.